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Discover a complete approach to planning for the end of your life. 


Allow me to support you to Envision Your Legacy and Steward Your Inheritance. 


 Let's come to terms: this life ends. 


So, what are you doing today?

Legal Planning

Experience a personalized approach to estate planning that places your values and intentions at the core of the process to ensure they are the end result of your legal documents.

 We help you reflect on your life and legacy goals to envision a plan that will steward your inheritance, both tangible and intangible.

We do not know the place where we die, or when, or how. Planning is NOT just for those who are anticipating dying, this process and reflection is for everyone! 





إنشا الله

An End of Journey Worth Envisioning

Remembering the end of our life isn't just about facing the fact; it's an opportunity. 

What do you want your legacy to be? When it's all said and done, what's the kind of life that you will be proud to look back on? 

Let's envision it, so you can get living it!

Planning for death and incapacity is not just paperwork. You will make some of the most climatic decisions of your life by planning for the end of it. 

This is an invitation to face your mortality, imagine the end of your life, so you can be prepared for it.




إنشا الله


For Muslim sisters and brothers aiming to ensure your legacy complies with Shari'a and suits your unique situation, you've found the right attorney. It's essential to establish a will or trust, preventing Pennsylvania's "default" laws from dictating the distribution of your estate.

My holistic approach encourages careful reflection and collaborative efforts to apply faraid (the Quranic decree) and your wassiyah (discretionary bequests) effectively upon your passing, either by trust or will. 

I am also especially committed to supporting Black communities and families to safeguard your assets and legacies.


إنشا الله

Serenity at Law PLLC

Empowering You Through Personalized Legal Support

Serenity at Law PLLC is not just a law practice - I am your companion on the journey of preparing for life's inevitable transition. With a focus on heart-centered legal work, I offer services that go beyond traditional estate planning. This unique approach, combining my roles as a death doula, facilitator, mediator, Circle-Keeper, and attorney, I aim to support you in navigating end-of-life decisions with gratitude, grace, mind & heart-fulness.

In Surah Ya Sin, Allah says:

"Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind..."

Take a moment to reflect,

What will your legacy be? 

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