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The Firm Story

Seeking to Serve more Peace of Mind

My Journey to Serenity at Law

Serenity at Law, a solo practice is a firm that is anything but conventional; it's mission is rooted in the tacit knowing that there is better: better lawyering, better connection, better advocacy, better support, better conflict resolution and better precision and effective legal documents! Serenity at Law was started to achieve better for my clients and my communties.

The Spark of Change

Launching my post-graduate career immersed in the bustling world of law, I lept into roles at various nonprofits in Philadelphia, PA. Ironically, as I became trained in alternative dispute resolution, the power of self determinative resolutions and action planning, I knew that empowering my clients to clarify their needs and wants, and pursue that, and not just what they might pay a lawyer to tell them to do. I also knew, very quickly, that I just wouldn't fit the bill of what most people think of when they think of "lawyer". Serenity at Law is about redefining our relationship with law and navigating our legal needs.

It was personal loss that truly ignited my passion for estate planning specifically. Experiencing the pain of losing family firsthand, I am confronted with the reality of life's fragility and temporariness, like many of us. The importance of preparation for what we know is inevitable is also however just overlooked. Young and healthy people, think we will be young and healthy forever. And yet, thats not true, things happen. And when they happen, do you want family to lose ties due to conflict? Do you want difficult decisions to be made about your health and body without your input? Me neither. 

Founding Serenity at Law

Driven by these realizations, I've started Serenity at Law so we can do what should be done, for ourselves and for our family and communities. My vision is clear: to offer a safe and productive space where my clients and our communities can confront their fears, ground ourselves in the present, and prepare to launch the future, towards an end with grace and dignity.

At Serenity at Law, I go beyond the mere drafting of documents. We engage in a holistic process that acknowledges the full spectrum of human experience—our hopes, fears, values, and dreams. Drawing from my own life's tapestry of legal expertise, cultural awareness, empathy and personal growth, I guide my clients through a process that not only secures your legacy but enriches your life, here and now.

A Personal Invitation

I understand that every individual is unique, with their own stories, values, and aspirations. That's why I dedicate myself to crafting estate plans that are as unique as the individuals they represent, ensuring that every plan reflects the true essence of the person behind it. You will not receive the skeletal, transactional and "traditional" estate planning experience, rather my services will guide you with reframing what estate planning means, and opening up the possibilities, not just for your death and what follows, but for your life and what comes before the end! 

The service journey with Serenity at Law is a 4-6 week long process, generally. From jump, there is opportunity for reflection on your life and what really matters. I will guide you through to selecting an estate plan that's best for you and your family. We'll confirm all of the information that should be compiled for a thorough plan, and once its final, you might just be more prepared to live, not just die!

In founding Serenity at Law, PLLC, my goal was to create more than just a law firm. I aimed to establish a haven of understanding, compassion, and proactive planning—a place where clients are inspired to live fully in the present, comforted by the knowledge that their future, and the future of their loved ones, is in caring hands.

Your Journey Starts Here

I invite you to join me on this journey. Together, we will navigate the complexities of estate planning, transforming what may seem like a daunting task into an opportunity for personal growth and peace of mind. Let's embrace the present because of the planning we accomplish together.

At Serenity at Law, your story matters. Let's ensure it's told with the love, respect, and serenity it deserves.

Serenity's Story

Your Heart-Centered Legal Counselor

My name is Alexandra "Serenity" Harris, and I am the sole and soul founder of Serenity at Law, PLLC! 

My journey into the area of estate planning is deeply personal, shaped by both my professional experiences and my own encounters with loss and spirituality. Holding a Juris Doctor from Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law and a background in Anthropology from Howard University, I bring a blend of legal acumen and cultural sensitivity to my practice.

My work with nonprofits in Philadelphia before founding my firm taught me the value of empathy, precision, advocacy, mediation, and restorative justice. As early as law school is when I started drafting wills, deeds, and examining the benefits of trusts for my clients and loved ones in my community. These experiences laid the foundation for my approach to estate planning: a process that transcends mere legal formalities to touch upon the essence of who we are and what we value most.

I see estate planning as an act of wisdom, as preparation for life's most significant transition. Therefore, at Serenity at Law, I aim to transform the traditional estate planning experience into one that truly reflects each client's unique life story, values, and aspirations. It's my mission to guide you through creating a legacy that speaks to your heart and provides for your loved ones in the most thoughtful way possible.

Ready to Plan Your Legacy?

Take the first step towards a mindful and empowering approach to end-of-life planning. Schedule a consultation today.

Let us support you in envisioning your legacy, stewarding your inheritance, and embracing the present moment. Your journey to graceful end-of-life planning starts here.

Memorial Dedication

The public launch date of this site is March 1, 2024, coincidentally, the same day my father passed away in 2008. This website and any benefit from it is dedicated to my dearly beloved father, Jeffrey W. Harris.

May God bless Papa, even beyond the grave. May we learn the duas/prayers that sends peace and blessings to those we remember and cherish, who have finished living before we have. Amin

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